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Regarding fairway woods, hybrids and irons the .830 cor number is definetly not standard. These drivers are packed with the best technologies to increase distance and high rebound speed off the driver face. The most rare, limited, and sought out putters are available to order here. Japan is known for their high quality golf drivers made of the the best materials and tested to improve distance and accuracy. The Bridgestone Sports Co. manufactures numerous illegal drivers, including the Tourstage V800, which produces lofts of 9 degrees and 11 degrees. I had an xx shaft put in it at standard length. Tom Wishon, golf club designer and founder of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, gives a more technical definition of COR this way: Some examples of a zero-energy transfer and a perfect energy transfer will help us grasp the concept. Japan is known for their high quality golf drivers made of the the best materials and tested to improve distance and accuracy. I never had a driver done but I was gonna send out my old king cobra sz 460 to see what would happen. You might consider attending a “Demo Day” at a local driving range or golf course, where you can get fitted by a professional and have the opportunity to try out drivers … The Truth About Lie Angle In Golf Clubs: What It Is, Why It Matters, Srixon Z 355 Golf Clubs: Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, and Irons, Callaway's Great Big Bertha II 415 Driver, Here's What Can Happen When You Use the Wrong Shaft Flex in Your Clubs. In the 1990's golf club manufacturers used new technologies to improve average COR’s from 0.78 to the realm of 0.86 which resulted in a significant increase in distance. 515cc design (Standard Driver is 460cc's) allows this 515cc Monster to be more forgiving on off-center shots, with a larger sweet spot. It's a term from the world of science and physics, but one that many golfers know because it is also used in conjunction with golf clubs. Any club with a COR measuring higher than .830 is ruled non-conforming. Proprietary technology and ultra light aerospace materials provide the best combination of increased speed and accuracy for the longest, straightest drives. This means the face loses more energy as the clubface is flexing more. USGA Conforming & HI-COR Drivers from Japan. The two highest C.O.R drivers in Japan are the OnOFF 2005 and the Yamaha Inpres. The current COR limit in golf clubs is 0.830. At impact the ball is compressed against the clubface and can squash up to 30% of its diameter against the driver face. PING G400 MAX Driver Golf Club 10.5 (Non-Conforming) Worlds hottest Drivers 5 out of 5 stars (48) 48 product ratings - PING G400 MAX Driver Golf Club 10.5 (Non-Conforming) Worlds hottest Drivers A driver that exhibits this property will have a very high COR. At Knuth Golf, Inc., we create the best metalwoods, fairway woods and hybrids for amateurs with more distance, forgiveness and increased accuracy; hottest metalwood, fairway wood and hybrid golf faces, largest metal woods sweet spot, largest fairway woods sweet spot, largest hybrid sweet spot, best face technology, … "COR" is an acronym for "Coefficient of Restitution." When it comes to selecting a golf driver, the pertinent question is how to determine the driver you can hit for the longest distance. Some Japanese brands had heads with COR as high as 0.90, well over the legal … Impress on the Golf course with a beautiful Japan only golf bag. Many of our customers say they receive more compliments on their Japanese golf bag and clubs than their luxury car! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It's because the clubface and the golf ball are made from completely different materials, and have two totally different weights or masses. The introduction of M2 from TaylorMade seems to be fit for any golfer, especially those are finding the best drivers for slicers. HI COR & Non Conforming Drivers. Feel the difference of Japan Forged wedges at impact and notice the spin of your approach to the green. This product offers one of the highest MOI that you can expect to get a perfect control and impressive distances. Prototype RF900 α-SPEC Hi-COR Driver Geotech's Prototype RF line of clubs has always been admired for it's classic shape and higher back crowns. If you want longer drives, you need to try one of these Non-Conforming drivers. They just say 'higher COR' wherever possible and never state the value. Cost and Value Any club with a COR measuring higher than .830 is ruled non-conforming . The 'Crown' of a Golf Club: What It Is and Design Considerations. Since I don't play any leagues or for money I can get away with it. A superb combination of performance and value, the Prototype RF series appeals to a wide range of golfers wanting to play a more balanced driver for both distance and … In a golf context, Object A in that scenario is the golf club, and Object B is the thing the golf club is striking—the golf ball. There are three models of the Callaway Mavrik driver – the Sub Zero option offers the smallest head at 450cc – however,… COR has a direct influence on ball speed and therefore distance. The maximum Cor of .830 is pretty much standard in most of the drivers out on the market right now. The dual cavity design combined with the 2 piece construction made it impossible to beat. Those factors mean there will always be some energy loss at the moment of impact in golf. These drivers are packed with the best technologies to increase distance and high rebound speed off the driver face. We turn once again to Wishon for the answer: Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. Professional golfers hit a driver 300 yards or more, but in a less experienced player’s hands the same driver probably will not produce those results. GIII 2013 460HR Hi COR Driver Review. I was a little surprised because Illegal golf drivers are suppose to outperform anything that is conforming. Join our e-mail list for exclusive offers and promotions and receive 5% OFF your next order! The USGA and R&A regulate COR in golf clubs to prevent manufacturers from making golf clubs that totally overwhelm golf courses with distance. This is about 0.06 above no SLE and equivalent to about 10-15 yards in distance based on the resulting increased ball velocity and change in launch conditions. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask! I was hoping to see the CORs of their last few drivers (975D - 983) so I could buy the oldest (cheapest) used one that still offers nearly max COR. Therefore, no golf club can ever have a 1.000 COR. His "Juggernaut" 515cc high-CoR driver is a huge seller for Hireko. But fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are still regulated using COR measurements. Any driver that appears on these lists is conforming, and, therefore, "legal" to use under the Rules of Golfer. It's really all in the player's head that they are "too good" for stuff … Like the M1, the M2 Driver takes advantage of a multi-material crown design. The coefficient of restitution measurement is always expressed as a number between 0.000 (meaning all energy is lost in the collision) and 1.000 (which means a perfect, elastic collision in which all … The back of the club also has a circular weight insert. The longest distance golf drivers ever made! All other things being equal, a higher COR measurement in a golf club equates to more distance. These days that situation is more common than ever as fairway woods, like drivers, feature high COR designs that spin less and tend to fly longer with the addition of more launch angle. What Is Offset, and Why Are Some Golf Clubs Designed With It? The coefficient of restitution of Object A is a measurement of Object A's ability to transfer energy to Object B when A and B collide. A young golf assistant pro showed me that you can shave the face in the sweetspot to make it thinner and have a higher COR. The young pro took fine … Choose the Non-Conforming option to see all HI COR drivers. Is There an Industry-Wide Standard Length for Golf Clubs. The COR limit in the rules has been 0.830 since 1998 and I was able to hit a COR of 0.882 with the 959.

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