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Clare then comes up with an idea, and invites Eli to dinner, so that he and her parents can get to know each other. "Eli and Clare are walking back to the car from a rest stop and Eli asks what the plan is. The two share a long hug. He runs to school and shows Clare that he won the contest and that he put her name alongside his in his story. He appeared in 31 episodes in Season 12, more than any other character in that season. In Halo (1), Eli and Clare are holding hands, before Adam teases them, which causes them to let go of each others hand. He tells her that being all in doesn't mean dropping everything, and that they can go on their re-first date anytime. Fitz pulls the hood ornament off of Eli's car, making him giggle. His character looked to be heavily influenced by former characters Ellie and Ashley's goth and rocker looks respectively. His appearance and belongings, as well as his early writing style, earned him a reputation of being "fascinated with death", having a locker decorated with skulls, a skull pillowcase, and even driving a vintage hearse named "Mortimer" (nicknamed "Morty", possibly based on the Latin word for death, "mors/mortis"). Eli is auditioning actresses, and Imogen walks in, immediately going into character. Eli tells her he has nothing to say to Fitz and asks her if she's going to stay or go with him. ", Eli: "There's all this pressure to talk.  He then runs through the school fully naked and has Clare and Alli chasing after him. Though they are both smiling shyly, she backs away and sits back down. She goes upstairs and sees him sleeping in her bed, frantically shaking him to wake up. Clare is sitting in her kitchen staring at the same frame she saw in the gas station when Eli comes up and says it's time for the procedure. The others are: Eli's first name and style was inspired by, Although Eli is one of the most original characters from. He teases about her so much what others think, something she hotly denies. In U Don’t Know (2), Eli and Fiona post the roles of the play on the board in theater. Later on, without Eli's consent, Clare and Adam go to Eli's house to retrieve Clare's watch. Eli playfully says, "oh sure, dried fruit gross, but dried animal carcass, mmm." Clare is clearly offended by his outburst and says she not in the mood for a driving lesson and gets out the car. Clare finds Eli … Then, Clare and Eli are laying on top of Morty when Clare jumps down, turns up the radio, and starts dancing to a song she likes. Alli says she hopes Clare has a good excuse and Clare pauses before saying she had to talk to Eli. Even though you could tell she was still not convinced. Although only three school years have passed in the story timeline since season six, season twelve is set in the spring semester in the years it aired. He was the Production Assistant for Brett Burnett's new film before leaving back home to take care of his. Later, Eli and Jake are at his house where Jake is rollerblading while Eli works on his project. Although only four school years have passed in the story timeline since season six, season thirteen is set during the summer through the first term of the spring semester in the years it aired. But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli. His room is over-flowing with junk, very unorganized, and messy. Later, at school, he tells Clare he has tickets to an Arcade Fire concert that night, saying that he thinks they should have a re-first song. For millennials who lived for teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation was a rite of passage. While Drew gives his speech, Eli wipes a tear off his face. Eli expresses to her that he hates living like this, and that his life is hell.  Mr. Simpson says that he's been keeping an eye on Eli and questions about what happened that day. Eli then talks to the crew about the rumors but tells them the play will go on. She says, "Hey, Eli. Alli reminds Clare that prom is their last night together and that's why they agreed to organize it. He is then seen making an apology list and tells Bullfrog that he wants to make peace with them. There's no happy ending.Eli in Extraordinary Machine (2). This makes Eli even more anxious, and he asks Imogen for his pills back. Later, Eli and Clare return to the closet where they start planning their night after Prom. Soulmate.". File:800px-Degrassi-10 logo 2779.jpg. Eli agrees. Clare finds out about this after Eli tells her about Julia. The writers admitted that Julia's photo is a stock photo. In Try Honesty (2), Eli gives Fitz the fake I.D., and he assures Eli that as long as it works, he won't bother them. Fitz puts him in a headlock, only letting go when he notices a teacher watching them. When she tells him she has a lot on her plate, he asks if she can actually do it and she tells him she can. In Take a Bow (1), Fiona asks Eli to go to prom as friends, but he tells her he can't because Adam signed them up to be waiters. She and Eli were fighting right before she died. He sighs and says maybe, but he would have taught him better, with a small smile. After Clare tells Eli that she's going to the dance with Fitz so that he would leave Eli alone, Eli is upset, but seems to go along with the idea after she persuades him not to fight it. Eli finds this extremely funny, but Clare is furious with him and tells him that whatever happens next, he deserves it. Later Eli is seen talking to Fiona urging her to introduce a new theme of their play. He returns them to her despite the fact that they are broken, he mentions that she has pretty eyes, and leaves. His trademarks are his guitar pick necklace (which he is virtually never seen without wearing), his dark style, and lopsided smirk. Eli is one of the five characters to lose. Also went back and rented Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High from my local library. Clare says she knew he didn't support her and gets out of the car and Eli says he does support her but there are a lot of things to consider. Firstly he thinks it's stupid, but then he starts shouting at her. Later on, he watches Tristan practice while Becky walks in asking why he is up there. Julia is still in his heart, and Julia would want Eli to be happy. She tells her to not feel the need to stay because she’s got everything under control. He tells her getting published was a lot more important and offends her when making fun of her wanting to go. On their way home, Eli mentions that they'll never make it home in time, and is present when they are pulled over. Later, Ms. Dawes calls Eli into her classroom and asks him if there's anything he would like to talk about. Eli and Jake talk near Jake's truck where he tells Eli that he got his "inspiration" from smoking marijuana, then proceeding to pull out a rolled up joint. During school, he and Fiona practice for his interview for NYU. This Is The Hardest "Degrassi" Quiz You'll Ever Take. When Clare insists she sleeps on the floor, Eli compromises and suggests they share the bed head to feet. Later on, Eli performs the play in front of Fiona and she is very pleased and promises him an extension on the writing. Eli stands up from the bed, shirtless, and looks out the window. In When Love Takes Over, Eli is first seen talking to Adam about finding a leading lady for the play are putting on. She stares for a bit longer, sad, and turns back to Eli. He asks Clare if it sounds familiar, and she answers telling him it's a lie. Dallas asks if it's from high school but Alli thinks it's from her. Later, Clare talks to Ms. Dawes, who said that a lack of communication caused the star crossed lover's death. In class, Clare is grabbing a book from a bookshelf when Alli comes up and tells Clare there are over 100 boat companies in the city and she figured Clare can call half of them.

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